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Door's spy hole turn digital using an old camera Answered

Hi, i have an obsolete digital camera 20 yo. and i was thinking to use it to replace my door's eye with a lcd display
The old camera has all is needed: lens with cmos sensor to fit on the outside of the door and lcd display (a small one in my old camera) to fit on the inside; i haven't disassembled the camera yet and i am not sure about the diameter of the lens and cmos sensor; of course i do not want to drilll a bigger hole in my expensive door! do you have any exprerience?
Regarding power supply, my camera use 4 AA batteries but i could replace them with a 18650 battery and a small step up converter



4 years ago

If you have an existing peephole, you might want to try a microscope to camera adapter http://softsolder.com/2008/12/26/camera-microscope... or the many webcam to microscope instructables.

The optics might be tricky to rework if you tried to detach the lens to mount on the outside of the door to keep the engineered focus and keep a dust-free tunnel through the door to the camera body. Good luck.