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Double-Opposite Coil Speaker Design? Answered

So I finished a new speaker I designed, today. It was just then that I thought about the possibility of creating a new design.

In the tradition speaker, a coil sits below the magnets, and they are pulled in and out of the coil, creating vibrations (subwoofer).I like this method, and all, but I wanted a bit more!

So I got to brainstorming. If you were to put a coil around the magnets, it would still work - it's just have no bass what-so-ever. Well, what if we were to put a coil on the bottom, as usual, but add a second coil on the opposite side, while allowing it to encircle the magnets, but not get in the way. So when the magnets get pulled into the coil, the second coil does not interfere, but still is close enough to the magnets as to create sound.

Would this have any adverse effects? Would it ever work? I've included an image so you can see my vision. I may very well just be stupid, but hey, it's an idea. Going to work on it tonight.



7 years ago

Interesting idea, how do you expect this design to sound / work differently? some sort of push-pull in the same cabinet?


(Don't start paragraphs with "So" - it makes no sense)


Reply 7 years ago

My bad, I was writing this off-head and didn't even think about it. I have a habit of, when not writing essays, using so a lot. hehe.

I observed that using the traditional suspension system, you get a lot of bass - that's the goal. When you push the suspension completely down so the magnets are completely in the coil, you don't get bass (because it can't vibrate harshly). The idea is that I will then get the best of both worlds - the bass and clear audio. It will hopefully be louder, too. I'm probably wrong, but hey, I'm experimenting :)


Reply 7 years ago

OK I get the idea, but I don't know the mechanics so well.
I guess we find out by trying it?