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Download and sign in issues Answered

 I am having an issue with attempting to download the pdf file. I have paid for the Pro account and have not incountered this issue until today.

 When I sign into my account and then click the download this file in pdf it asks me for me account user name and password. I enter the information and then I am signed in but when I go and attemt to download the file it asks me for account user name and password once again, even though I have not signed out.

 Never had this issue with other sites on on Instructables. Currently using IE 8.0 with Win XP Service Pack 3


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10 years ago


See Randofo's comment on this, in particular besides doing the refresh, adjust your "security level" slider and see if that makes a difference. If it does, please let Randofo know by posting or PM. It'll help isolate what I'bles might have to do to work around Microsoft's problems.


Reply 10 years ago

Thx. Seems that about 15 minutes after my posts here that I was able to stay logged in and get the pdf file to save a okay.