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Downloading not working Answered

I have an up-to-date premium subscription. When I click the Download button, the targeted Instructables file does not download. Hoping to receive advice how to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks.

The attachment is a screen shot of my Chrome page after clicking the Download button. The icon in the lower left corner is the only result of clicking the button. When I open that icon, it asks what program I wish to use to open a file. (Well, been trying to upload it, but unable to do it. Attempting to get help at Instructables -- this is my third attempt -- is proving to be not only frustrating but ineffective.)

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa



2 years ago

hello, and sorry to hear your having trouble with our download PDF feature.

while we are transitioning to the new format pdf generation, there is a wrinkle with how some browsers are downloading the files. For the time being, you can append a ".pdf" extension to the file that downloads without an extension to get a functional pdf.

Soon this will not be necessary in any browser as we are working to replace ones that are able to download like you are seeing, with the new ones that will download with proper extensions in all browsers, all the time.


Reply 2 years ago

I am having a similar issue on my machines. It does not seem to matter if I am using my MAC or my PC or my IPAD. Firefox IE and Chrome all give same error. IT says I need a premium membership to download PDF's. I have a Premium membership. Please advise why I need what I already have. It seems like a little glitch maybe in the user permissions area.

Thank you in advance for the help.



Reply 2 years ago

Thank you much for that information. I did not know about the pdf situation.

Brian Chapman / Cedar Rapids, Iowa