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Draft Folder? Answered

I started a draft and saved it but how do I go back to work on my draft again? I know there is a way to access a drafts folder but I just can't find it. There are multiple "start an instructable" options but I see no obvious way to access incomplete ones? I figured I could "start a new instuctable" and then cancel it to gain access to all my projects, but no dice. I'm new to this site and the interface is killin' me help!



Best Answer 2 years ago

To access your drafts, head to the "You" drop-down menu in the very upper right hand corner of the site.

Clicking this will allow you to see your published instructables and collections, as well as any drafts you've started. I've attached a photo in case my description wasn't the best. :)

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.51.54 AM.png

Reply 7 months ago

Yeah same I don't have that either and I can't find the one that I really need.