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Drawing on Fabric? Answered

I have volunteered to make 3 quilts for my son's school auction.  I will have 65 children drawing on a muslin square to be incorporated into the quilts.  I have used paint before but did not have as many children (not to mention the mess!)  Each child has their own supply of colored pencils.  I've read so much on the Internet it's overwhelming and I don't have time to try each option.  Has anyone used colored pencils (or #2 pencils) to draw on muslin?  What is the best way to accomplish this without a lot of time/frustration?  Thank you:)



8 years ago

I would recommend ironing freezer paper to the back of each square to make them firmer and easier to draw on.

Also you need to make sure the kids draw in the middle of the square avoiding the seam allowances. Maybe you could mark a line 1/2" in from the edges to give them a frame to work in, or maybe iron a 1/2" strip of freezer paper around the edges on the front. This would give you a 1/4" seam allowance and then at least 1/4" of white space around the pictures.



8 years ago

Kitewife gives her knitted dolls rosy cheeks with an ordinary coloured pencil.

Rather than trying to draw lines directly, as on paper, draw the pencil in short, light strokes. Lots and lots of short, light strokes build up to an even shade.