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Dream Build Team Answered

Who would be in your dream build team?
 You have an idea, a plan. Now you just need to build it, perfect it, sale it. You can't do all of it so you need a team not a large team, but a good, no, brillant team. What people types would you need? You're the Planner/Mastermind, now name the other types you would need.



8 years ago

Anyone who's motivated! <--These are surprisingly hard to find.


8 years ago

Well, being it is a given that some of those I'd choose, are no longer with us (Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, etc), and being realistic, I'd choose Dr. Michio Kaku, and  kelseymh    to start with.  

To add a bit of a different type of imagination, Kiteman and since many of my projects involve electricity. Plasmana

I think it would be great also to have crapflinger on the team as a resource guide. 

And of course, ICENG to help pull all the electro-mechanicals together.


8 years ago

Project: computer built from the ground up. Chip, chipset, CMOS, BIO, etc.
But I was thinking more for a versatile any-project-anywhere team.