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Dremel + Instructables Build Night @ TechShop Chandler Answered

Once again - a great many thanks to Instructables and the event sponsor Dremel for this awesome opportunity!  Our members had so much fun on Build Night.  They sent us five Dremel 4000 rotary tools, and three MultiMax MM30 Oscillating tools, along with an awesome variety of attachments and bits!  What an awesome gift!

I structured this Build Night as a challenge.  We provided basic building materials, like wood, PVC, metal, foam, fasteners, wire, glue, tape, etc. to the participants.  I laid out the tools on a table, and gave a brief explanation and safety overview.  I told them to split up into teams, and that they would have three hours to come up with a project, document it and write an Instructable to submit once the project was complete.

When I said "go!" there was no hesitation.  I was so impressed with the excitement and creativity of the group.  We had about 20 people show up, they split into about 6 six groups... and immediately started working on their projects.

About 45 minutes in, I made an announcement - that they would get one trip to the hardware store... I was surprised again, at how little they needed... They were resourceful enough to use the materials at hand!

Halfway into the Build Night, the projects began to materialize... We had a group of guys who made a marionette, we had this really neat Pan Flute Box, a crossbow, a maze, a floating can coozie, and a couple of other small projects on the side.

Everyone did pretty well to make it to the three hour mark, and cleaned up after themselves (amazing!!! :) what a great group!)

Then over the course of the next few days, the Instructables started to come into my inbox... I'm still waiting on a couple, so I will post these ASAP.

Everyone had a great time, and it got our shop buzzing with activity!  Thank you again Instructables!! and Dremel!! You guys rock!

<3 Tiffani @ TechShop Chandler


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