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Dropbox application in background process on OpenWRT processor of my Arduino Yun. Answered

Hello everybody,

Simple question: does the Arduino YUN support the same DROPBOX functionalities as my laptop?

Basically, I need to download data from the SD card of my Arduino Yun to my application server.
But the internet connection of my Arduino is not very stable.

How I want it to work:
1.    I have a sketch that writes data on a TXT file to my SD card every 10 minutes
2.    I want to install Dropbox on my Arduino Yun
3.    Then, whenever the Yun is connected, it will synchronize all the files from the SD Card with my Dropbox folder on my server. That would happen (I guess) in the background, without my Arduino needing to run a sketch.
To do that, I think I need drobox to run ‘in the background’ on my Arduino microprocessor.
Did anyone do this before? Thanks.

What does NOT work:
Initially, I used the "LogToDropbox" sketch inserted in the "Datalogging to Dropbox with Arduino Yun" tutorial at the following link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Datalogging-to-Dropbox-with-Arduino-Yun/ in order to ‘actively’ upload files to my Dropbox app console from my SD card with an internet connection. But if , my Arduino Yun is losing the internet connection, it is impossible to upload the files created during the downtime to my Dropbox app console. These files are stored on the SD card plugged on the Yun during this time interval, but not synchronized.