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Dual-Booting Windows XP and Ubuntu? Answered

I just want to make sure I have this right before I go ahead...

So, right now I have two drives. One is partitioned into two, one half is Win Xp(about 60gb), the other completely blank(about 20gb). Then, my slave drive is just for backup.

I'm planning on installing Ubuntu onto that blank partition. By doing so, it shouldn't affect any of the files on either of the other drives, right? And when it boots it should boot into Windows as usual unless I directed to go to that partition since the windows drive is the first in the boot order.

This, I think, should work without worrying about anything getting wiped right? And this setup won't have the OS's conflicting with each other?
Would I have to use GRUB and if so how?

Help, is greatly appreciated.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You have most of it right, you can specify the partitioning to the empty space and it will not affect any files on the other partitions, or drives. However, the Grub bootloader will be installed with the Ubuntu install and Ubuntu will be first on the boot list and the default, Windows will also be there too, but you will have to select it for it to boot.
After installation, the boot order can be changed to put the Windows OS back in the number 1 position and hence the default OS.


11 years ago

The easiest way to dual boot  xp/ubuntu is download and install ubuntu using Wubi 9.04.