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Dual timer switch Answered

Is there a commercial dual timer switch that the first timer can be set for longer duration like hourly or half hourly and then switch on another timer that run in seconds. Or is there a DIY solution? Eg. Turning on a water sprayer every 2 hours for 10 seconds. I need a timer that run from the mains.


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2 years ago

I could design a timer like that for you with an Arduino, a ds3231 realtime clock module and a relay. Total cost would be $10 -$20.

You would also need a 5v power supply, a us/eu/au(?) plug, a us/eu/au socket and a small (waterproof?) box to build a housing.

Of course you could also opt for a more elegant solution with a display and some buttons so you can reprogram the timer without a computer. (Will not cost that much extra, but takes a bit more programming and wiring)