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Dual voltage switch, off .5v on 4.5v? Answered

Good day,

I have run into a bit of a problem, the original controller has burnt out  for my light controller and i cant find a replacement, but i was able to while it was working find out how much voltage it needs to run. To the light controller is 12Volts,  It requires .5 volts @ 1amp while the system is in the ready phase and when i press the switch it jumps on 4.5volts @ 1amp and the lights turn on.

Ideas i had run a crossed was:

Running .5 volts straight to the control and having a switch supply the remaining 4.0 volts but i believe that would double the amperage.  

Using a relay but i'm not that electrical savvy.

Any help would be great.




8 years ago

Use an LT3080 regulator in a circuit like this one. The LT3080 will adjust right down to 0 V.