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Duct tape Repells Pantry moths? Answered

pantry moth traps have dried out. 
rather expensive, i sought an alternative.
placing ducttape in a cabinet where ive seen moths, perhaps they would randomly land on it

i havent seen moths in that cabinet since. not on the tape or near it.

tune in later to see if this is a fluke.



4 years ago

I decided to make this an -ible. image uploader wasn't workin for me from the "create" section, so hopefully I can bring em in from here.

Nashua tape works. dunno if another duct tape will.

Duct tape.pngPantry moth duct tape.jpgPantry Moth.png

4 years ago

Try some sandelwood ;)
Looks good, keeps the moths away and be shaped into slothes hangers or hooks if you don't like the idea of some wood pieces sitting between your clothes.
The chemicals in the duct tape might help you (never tried it) but I can tell over time it will convert into a sticky mess.