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Ducted vacuum cleaner anyone? Answered

My sister approached me today with the news that her vacuum cleaner went up in smoke.
While cleaning out the old rental and with the aim to clean the new home during the next few days.
This made me thinking about the the ducted vacuum system that were quite popular around here.
Most modern house won't get something like that and for the older ones it means once they fail they stay dead.
After all the tenant can buy a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets...

I had a look around here and in other places to check on home made solutions of the more modern type.
As my sister is allowed some DIY to improve the quite old house I was wondering about installing a ducted vacuum system.
Of course there is not much out there, commercially, that would be up to our modern times.
Far too noisy, lack of sucktion and despite all totally outdated filter systems that won't keep the turbine or motor clean.
Some people however came up with quite clever ideas.
For example building your own cyclonic shop vac.
Another one I quite liked was was a home made housing for standard drum type shop vac.
Apart from the air noise the thing was almost silent.
No screaming motor, no outcoming air acting as a funnel for the noise create.
The air going in and through the hose was louder then the actual vacuum cleaner LOL

I would like to create something similar by salvaging a proper shop vac as a bas for the sucking part.
But as it is an old house I would really like a wooden solution to entire housing and casing problem.
Not just a screaming thing mounted to the outside of the house....
Far less noisy than the donor, cyclonic (proper) seperator and easy to empty.
Like place a bag under it and open the bottom easy.
Something originally intended for inside use might be weatherproved or placed in a properly covered area if required.

Any ideas for the wooden part apart from starting from scratch with 3D models?
Anyone here done something similar and willing to provide some feedback on how well it all performs?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Regarding ideas for the shape of a cyclone separator, I could not help noticing that Wikipedia has a page for, "Cyclonic separation", here,


I dunno. The article has some pictures, and equations, and links to references and stuff.

I have to admit, I do not actually have my head around the topic, so I don't have a design for you, or even know if these equations and links are truly pointing the way to a workable design.

But, you know, maybe it is somewhere to start, if you had not seen that one already.

Also regarding the question, "Anyone here done something similar...[?]", I asked the Let's make search to show me, "dust separator",


and I think now I have proof, that a few people here, have done something similar. For the questions about performance, well, maybe you could contact those authors directly, to see if any are awake, and willing to chat with you about dust separation. I mean, that is if you have questions not answered by the 'ibles themselves.


Reply 2 years ago

Problem is not really to make the thing itself.
More or less straight forward design really.
But getting that done with basically just the motor being metal and the rest in wood is not that easy as I found out.
Only made a barrel once and that was during a tour of a brewery with ready to go parts LOL
A long time ago I remember to have seen an Ible about a wooden shop vac but can't find it now, have to try again with Google after work.

Does not have to be perfect.
Not a Dyson or such, just the major crap gone from the airstream as I don't mind a bit of fine dust blowing out if you clean up a bag of flour or so.


2 years ago

Do you mean a make a sound-dampening enclosure for the shop vac?


Reply 2 years ago

As a small part yes, but more like making a wooden version of it with a seperator inside.
Bit bigger and preferably also less noisy but mainly far better looking when mounted on a wall.