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Dust 514 Scout fabrication Answered

Hello I am new here and this is my first undertaking but ever since i saw these i knew for a fact i wanted one of these suits they are on  game called Dust 514 they are kind of the infiltrators and stuff the secret behind the lines type of soldier. anyways i want to fabricate one of these suits that is useable and look almost just like it it NEEDS COOLING but that will be a pain i want fans in my helmet and liquid or air cooled main body... i want to be able to use this, go to a theme park and have people take pictures of me XD of course there is easier ways to do this but i really want one of these and i am not sure where on earth to start so any type of help well... helps i would like mine grey and black and the lighting isn't very important


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7 years ago

It would seem similar in construction to all the Halo gear and costumes. Since they can be made of foam mats, papier mache and fiberglass resin, I think it would get pretty hot if you were in a warm climate. Lots of people rig up small computer fans with batteries and can pipe the cool air with that wire loom stuff or some other plastic flexible tubing. Seach on those halo costumes instructables which usually use "pepakura" to design the paper fold up templates to make the forms. Good luck.