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Dynamic ip to static? and is static needed to run a server? Answered

Hello I would like to know how I can change my dynamic ip into a static one and if I were to set up a home server how would I do that with out a static ip?




7 years ago

sign up with http://freedns.afraid.org

it is what it say,,  FREE

create a subdomain for freeor set up a domain you allready own
set up a dynamic DNS and install the client

then you must configure your routers port forwarding to the computer you use as a server ( set a fixed ip adress in your network setting )
get all that info at http://portforward.com/

works with all types of servers, even streaming media

msg me if you need to


7 years ago

Most ISP companies will give you a static IP if you need one but they often have a monthly charge for it. That is the best way to go although it might cost you a little extra.


7 years ago

Most home residential internet won't offer a static IP.

There are solutions around this: many domains and domain redirects offer client programs that dynamically update the online host to the new IP if it rotates. no-ip.com is one that uses a duc program. Without actively letting the domain server know where your server is, you can't easily run a server.