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Dynamo powered TV Answered

Hi All,

Im not sure what to search for or where to begin with this idea and was wondering if anyone can help me.

My wife is always adamant to lose weight and buys random exercise machines (bike,treadmill etc.) These last for about 2-3 weeks then she gets bored of them.

She has asked for my help in trying to get her motivated so i have devised a plan. muhahaha

She has said that her exercise will consist of her in front of the TV at night rowing away (she just got a new rowing machine again). so my plan is to snip the plug of the TV connect this to a 240 volt relay that i can connect to the arduino and at a set time the arduino will turn of the relay switch until extra power is brought in by the dynamo on the rowing machine.

the relay will start at 8pm and turn off around 6am in the morning.

A bypass switch will be added to allow the relay to turn on for 30 mins as we have a small child and she doesn't want to sit rowing whilst watching TV trying to get him back to sleep whilst feeding him a bottle.

My question is would this be possible and what stuff would be needed to make a dynamo on to the rowing machine? also can a arduino be programmed to do something with a small input of electric? 

Also this idea has been agreed on by my wife.


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4 years ago

No matter what you try, you can't force someone to exercise.
Seeing that she get's one machine after the other tells me she either is not serious about exercise or just not willing.
No need for machines or tricks if someone is serious about it.