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E-Certificates for Contest Winners Answered

I'm in currently in the second year of my Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering course & I have been a winner in a few contests in Instructables. I was recently updating my LinkedIn profile when I thought of an idea wherein Instructables contest winners would get E-certificates that they can include in the profiles.
I'm sure companies which are hiring would show some interest in online contests held or supported by sponsors (such as Intel, Microsoft, SeeedStudio,Dremel, Formlabs, LittleBits, HP, Epilog, etc) on Instructables.
I'm also sure a lot of people would like to showcase their achievement's on platforms like Linkedin,etc.

If you agree or disagree(constructive criticism) leave your comment below and also leave your feedback/additions. Let's see if this actually becomes a feature on Instructables?


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world of woodcraft
world of woodcraft

5 years ago

I love the idea.
I have from time to time applied for different things and have wanted to really celebrate the things I have shown through instructables but have found it slightly difficult to fit it in naturally into a standard CV or cover letter.
I don't know how easy it would be to implement the idea but I do like it.