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E-book: Cooking Material. Could molecular gastronomy help discover new matter? Answered


Using this e-book "Cooking Material", starting from your own familiarity with cooking, you’ll find inspiration to create material from a recipe.

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Is it possible to make dough with sawdust instead of flour? Caramelize glass crystals like sugar? Freeze-dry a string of wool so it resembles spaghetti?

Today, industry innovation has made it possible to transform traditional materials into diverse states. Liquid wood for furniture manufacture, textile spray for auto interiors, and metallic foam for experimental prosthetics are all examples of familiar materials that have been altered into new, more efficient forms.

Are these “special” recipes edible? Not at all! What is their use, then? For one, disseminating the elementary knowledge of chemical-physical reactions taking place in different materials, while maybe you will discover a wall plaster or a jewelry clay or something else useful—and allow your imagination to move freely. Molecular gastronomy adds scientific knowledge to our traditional cooking savoir-faire. This science allows to explore matter through new eyes: so grab you mixer and get cooking, get experimenting!

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6 years ago

I doubt it - This is more like engineering with food rather than science.

Scientists are interested in why things happen and what makes it happen

Engineers are interested in what they can do with the discoveries Scientists make.


Reply 6 years ago

Audrey Tardieu and I are engineer. The purpose of the Cooking Material e-book is to be able to invent your own material inspired by a cooking recipe. During some workshops I am giving in Europe at the moment, I am explaining what to do with the material. It is also the purpose of a second e-book that I am working on. But, you can also leave your imagination moving freely. You have for example the whipped wax recipe that permit you to double the volume of your initial quantity of wax! With the same initial quantity of wax, you can increase easily the size of your mould!

Good luck, Laurence Humier

Lithium Rain

6 years ago

Meh. More like "OP Rediscovers Applied Chemistry."