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E.A.P Review Answered

So this is my review for the E.A.P by Killer~SafeCracker

-Comfort 9/10-(the handle was really comfy cause it uses black wheels)
-Range9/10(I got like 50 feet with 2 64's)
-Power8/10(it's pretty powerful)
-Accuracy7/10(the gun was kinda accurate)
-Reliability9/10(it was very reliable)
-Bodyweight/Balance10/10(it was the perfect weight for a pistol)
-Magazine8/10(the mag was perfect every shot loaded perfectly but sometimes the mag pusher wouldn't lock into place)

So there you go,my review for the E.A.P. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wanted a pistol or a oodammo repeater
Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/-EAP-Eliminator-Assault-Pistol/


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