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EI live in a country with 220-240V AC Supply.I want to make a transformer from 240V AC-12V DC.How? Answered

I already have an LED torch that charges off AC it has a set of four diodes(supposedly bridge rectifier) and a big brown shiny TANK type of thingie which is all connected to the rechargeable battery in it(donno specs).
Hoping to make one of those.



8 years ago

If the flashlight has the rectifier in there already, then its the simplest gadget you could ask for! Sweet!

You need a transformer wound 20:1. It's probably cheaper to find/source one from a 12VAC wall-wart plug...which already does exactly what you're looking for.

I need to clarify now: Do you want to make 240-->12VDC? I ask because if the flashlight has the rectifier you don't need another in the transformer.


Answer 8 years ago

I have ANOTHER flashlight with four diodes and that big brown thing.
I want to make one of those minus the flashlight.
I want 240VAC>>>12VDC..


Answer 8 years ago

If you just want to make a 12 volt transformer, you do as I said before, hook 240 volts up to a transformer wound 20:1, and on the other side of the transformer you put the rectifier and capacitor.