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EL wire help Answered

Hello, I was wondering whether someone could shed some light on this. I'm making a coat with a design in EL wire. I want to use two colors, and I want to have them both on the strobe setting, so that they flash opposite the other.. so one color being on while the other is off. However I may have to use more than one 'spool' of wire per color. I have a bunch of 9 ft. segments already hooked up to batteries. 

You may have to bear with me, I know very little about electronics.. But is there a way I can hook up the segments of one color to each other so that they all flash simultaneously? Or is it worth it just to get longer segments/ make my own, and would the battery have to be much larger in that case?

Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated! 


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7 years ago

Look up the EL wire product at adafruit.com. They have tutorials on working with EL wire. You might want to get a microcontroller like an arduino to control the strobing so the wires are in sync. To control EL wire might need some additional transistors or relays to isolate the higher power drivers. And they have a new usb charging cable there that is essentially three intertwined EL cables in one that gives the effect of water flowing by strobing the wires so the lit up sections "move". Good luck.