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EMP Gun or ??? Answered

How do i destroy the chip in my dog.., i need to change chip do to rules in my contry.. ( paper woork ) the camera thing on youtube does not work, please help me to build a EMP gun...?




8 years ago

building on kirdaihts idea (which im gonna use thnx loads)
a voltage multiplyer before that would decrease resistance and lead to a quicker discharge , you want all energy used imidelty or your waste energy .

the pulse is just a single point of time if it lasts it makes no difference.


9 years ago

to generate an electromagnetic pulse, you have to discharge a capacitor trough a coil. If you find your pulse isn't strong enough, you take a larger coil (more windings), a thicker wire and a bigger capacitor, which you put closer to the chip (make sure there is a little bit of insulation between the wires and the dog. If you accidentally discharge trough the dog instead of the coil he might have a serious problem.)