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(EMP generator)How can i make a long range EMP generator? Answered

I have watched many video in youtube about, how to make EMP generator. But those EMP's range are really small, I want to make a EMP that can disable any electric device around me like, Disabling all the device in my room. So can Anyone help me with this??



8 months ago

Since it is out of reach for most hobby tinkeres anyway...

Any EMP device works by emitting a magnetic field.
This field can be uniform, meanining omnidirectional or in the better case directional.
The most powerful EMP we can create now comes with an atomic bomb explosion.
Even a tiny one that does not cause too much damge will kill all lctronics in a wide are if detonated in the atmosphere.

To give you some ideas of the powers reqired to do damage:
A simple and badly designed motor can cause electrical interference - a very weak and ongoing EMP so to say.
And unshielded electromagnet for lifting purposes can already create field strong enough to destroy electronics near by, same for these nice scanners used in hospital these day.
Having said this, modern devices need to conform to certain standards.
One important one is that a device shall not cause interference or produce armful interference for other devices.
This alone means odern electronics are already shielded for slight problems that you intend to create.

A EMP device on a hobby level is limited by two main factors:
a) size
b) power supply

Using a capacitor bank is a way to store a lot of energy to be released in one single impulse.
Like these old flashlights on throw away cameras.
You can calcultate the magnetic field strength or the avilable power in a capacitor bank to create a matching system.
Keep in mind those that with every doubling of the distance the power at this distance is reduced by the quare root!
For just a standard room size you would already require power levels that can burn the house down with ease if there is one mistake made.
And of course cost your life.

The modern approach to the problem is braodband noise.
Instead of a strong magnetic pulse a directional antenna is used to produce a strong and quite dirty signal.
Similar to a magnetron in a microwave the antenna produces a very powerful impulse.
The power supply or capicitor banks are designed to provide different pule lngths and pulse timings.
This way it is quite easy to optimise the pulse frequency for the "target" in question.
Still even the military seems to struggle to make something that wors at more than a few hundret meters of distance without requiring a portable reactor.


8 months ago

I can tell you what I did (before I did the math) but you won't like how it performed.
I wound a bunch of speaker wire around an iron core and powered the coil by discharging a capacitor straight through it. I managed to crash calculators from cca. 10cm but they would resume normal operation after reset (which is a good thing). I never tried it around electronics of higher value (eg. phones, computers...).
An EMP that would cause problems from a few meters away would use the same principle but at a lot higher voltages (you might need to make your own capacitors or shell out a LOT of money for MRI capacitors), which makes your project dangerous, even life threatening.
I suggest you try to find another way to crash whatever device you wanted to crash. And I am sure I can speak for everyone who replied to this thread that we know it isn't your room that is the main target of your experiments;)


8 months ago

1. EMP = DEAD electronics - not disabled. Thats DEAD forever. You may not want this

2. Your neighbours would hunt you down assuming this were possible.

3. The energy required would be considerable, IF you don't know how your not likely to be safe with such potentials.


Reply 8 months ago

Just, if you know tell me how can i increase range please, i really need i


Reply 8 months ago

Taking into consideration my comments above I am not inclined to help you build such a device - Sorry. It isn't something your going to use for the benefit of anyone other than yourself and maybe to the detriment of others.

I repeat
The energy required would be considerable, IF you don't know how your not likely to be safe with such potentials.


8 months ago

I would start by watching all of the newest James Bond movies. If you still want to do it when you are done with this task, perhaps go outside and go for a walk and think about what you hope to accomplish by doing this. Assuming you still want to do this, I would then recommend getting a job to earn a lot of money to build this, because its going to be expensive. After working for many years, you likely will then have found something else to do with your time and money.