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Earthquake? Answered

Yesterday, around 7:15 pm, I heard a very loud, low rumbling noise.  I first thought it was a truck going past but it got too loud to be that.  I then thought it was the nearby military base doing explosives excercises, as they do it quite often but the noise carried on for a few seconds.  It wasn't a bang.

Immediatley after it happenned, my brother who lives about 2.5 km's away from us, phoned me and asked if our house also shook.  He said his cupboard doors and glasses were rattling.  We, didin't have any shaking or even any vibrations.  We both live on the same hill and the area is full of granite rock.

My other brother was about 7 km's away and didn't hear or feel anything.

Now, we live in an area which has never had an earthquake, the only one was in 1969 and about 250 km away, so I have no idea what it feels like or sounds like.

The nearby military base also has planes very often going over this, so I don't know if it's a "sonic boom" because I've also never experienced that.

Could this have been an earthquake?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

.  Find the USGS (or your local equiv) web site and they should have a map of recent earthquakes.


11 years ago

According to this list, if it was an earthquake, it was below a 2.5.

You can zoom in to this map to check for local 'quakes.