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Earthwise 50218 corded mower - control switch lever broken Answered

We have an Earthwise 50218 corded mower that we've been very happy with. The only problem is that the control switch lever that is used to start the thing is plastic and broke. We were able to manage with it for a while but then it broke even closer to the base and cannot be used at all. Without this lever, the entire mower cannot start. It appears that the manufacturer doesn't sell a replacement part for this. The only official option was to buy an entire control assembly at $40.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Any ideas on a cheaper solution for this simple, stupid problem? (The manual for this thing is here: https://www.powerequipmentdirect.com/manuals/earthwise-50118-50120-owners-manual.pdf) 



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3 years ago

I would bypass the switch and power assembly.

But we don't know your skill level..

This is a circuit of a mower with dynamic braking.

Be sure to click on the pic to view the entire image..