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Easier access to My Groups Answered

Instructables has all these Groups and fun rewards for them like the Sponsorship.
However,  I'm not one for playing Hunt the Interface for very long, and getting to the groups I have joined is not obvious or easy. There is a drop down selector for "You" in the top menu (You Page, Drafts, Inbox, Favorites, Customize...) if you select Favorites, you go to an info page about You, and a left column menu says Groups. this takes you to a page that has a BIG icon cropped from very wide group image - one per group.

Other top level pages like Explore, Create Contests have much nicer presentation to find things.

Perhaps you could do something similar with the Favorites, or at least cascading menu of items.



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7 years ago

Groups is currently having a bit of an overhaul, and will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

In the meantime, the ways to acccess Groups is already in place. If you click the Community tab up top there is a button for Groups. Also, you can add Groups to your YOU dropdown by going to You > edit profile > customize > Groups as one of your dropdown options.
Groups is inaccessible now while we're working on it, but you'll be able to use both those avenues to access it when it comes back on line