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Easiest low voltage cutoff (ensure minimum startup amperage for solar fan project.) Answered

So, if I weren't so electronically derped, I'd know this.
I've seen a few easy ideas for a 12v solar fan.  Basically stick a capacitor on it.
However, I'm trying to work from a few low amperage panels (~100ma@12v total).  Since I want this to keep my tent feeling cooler once the sun comes up, I don't want to be stuck for an hour or two in the morning until the minimum amperage comes out of the panels.
Anyone have an easy idea of what I could use with simple parts from scavenge boards or electronics teaching kits to make it have a low voltage cutoff (so that it won't go to the fan until it hits a minimum voltage on the capacitor (so that it has a minimum startup amperage))  That way, even in the morning, at least it would pulse on for small whiles even when it didn't have enough power.


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

Watts watts watts whats the fan.

Volts and amps on the fan you just have volts on the fan.

The solar panel is 1.2 watts how many watts is the fan.

If the fan is 2.4 watts at best you will get 50% run time at full sun.