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Easter eggs in Google and other things Answered

I came along some easter eggs for Google that you simply type into the search.
Examples are:
do a barrel roll
what is the answer to everything

More easter can be found in the Wiki:


For example, today, April 1, you can get a Pacman View in the street view of Google maps.
Pacman uses the roads for the game :)

But I guess I found one egg that is nowhere listed so far:
Tpye into the Google search:
currency us au $
And check the quick result, it will tell you something about
1 Australian dollar microsecond au US$ =
114 210.494 m s U.S. dollars²

Not sure if it is a bug because of a confusion with the µ sign but I am sure there must be problem when I try to pay in microseconds....
Anyway check the Wiki page for more great Easter eggs on Google.
Post the best eggs you find elsewhere!