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Easy Cheesecake recipes Answered

What I make is super easy and simple and no baking required.

Ingredients: 1 graham cracker pie crust (You should see it in the bake isle* 2 Boxes of the Philadelphia cream cheese (8oz a box) 1 box of cool whip 1 box of Jello (This goes into the mixture with the cream cheese ; Flavor would be whichever you like, I use the lime.) 1 box of Jello (This goes on top after it settles for a couple hours) 1/4 cup of sugar (Depends on how sweet you want it.) -- Mix the two cream cheese together until it gets creamy. -- When it is soft and creamy add the sugar and mix well. -- Open the box the cool whip, pour the whole thing into the cream cheese mix -- Mix well and everything is incorporated. -- Open which ever jello you want into the cream cheese. (I use a Lemon one and I buy the big packs cause its always on sale. Use half of that Jello mix with a cup or hot water. Let the jello cool before pouring it into the cream cheese I usually let it sit over night in the fridge and in the morning, I would mix my lime jello to pour on top.

Pour it in and let it sit for about 3 or 4 hours and TADAADADA, Cheesecake is made! I hope this helps, its a family recipe and I hope I explained it clearly, new to this reddit thing and if you have an question, feel free to ask! Enjoy and have a wonderful party and best of luck to ya in the kitchen! :]



2 days ago

That is interesting.I loved that recipe. Thanks for sharing


21 days ago

I certainly have my own favorites. The recipe is quite similar across the board -- it's a custard in which the liquid is cream cheese. Knowing the properties of custard helps you decide how to treat your cheesecake, and what variations will and won't work.
For example, the ratio of sugar can vary quite a bit without changing your custard's texture. The brand, fat content, and consistency of your cream cheese has the most impact as far as the ingredients go. The other big variable is baking method.
I heat the oven to 400F. I put the cheesecake in and after 10 minutes, turn the heat down to 300. I think the hotter start bakes the crust before melted butter and cheese soak in and make it soggy, but that's just me. Custard likes a low heat and long cooking time. If you bake too hot or too long, the eggs will overcook and the texture will be unpleasant. But you have to bake long enough for the eggs to cook thoroughly so the center isn't runny when it cools. A toothpick test doesn't really work for cheesecake. A safer way to bake it is to line a larger pan with several sheets of newspaper or paper towels and get them wet. Place your cheesecake in its smaller pan onto the wet paper, and then add water to about 1" depth. This keeps the cheesecake from exceeding the boiling point of water, 212F, even though the oven is hotter. Baking time depends on depth and volume.
I recommend trying the custard base in small batches several different ways before you invest a lot in the ideal pan, three pounds of cream cheese, etc. Start with the basics -- eight ounces cream cheese, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 egg, and just a touch of vanilla.
My standard size is a 3" deep 9" diameter spring-form pan. It takes 6 times the above amounts -- 3 lb. cream cheese, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 6 eggs, and 1 tsp. vanilla. It has to bake for a good hour and a half. I prefer a deep, large cheesecake. Many people think this makes the servings too big. Cheesecake is about the richest, highest-calorie food you can make. I prefer a butter shortbread crust, but a graham cracker crust is more classic. And I prefer a fresh berry coulis for garnish (fresh strawberries or raspberries pureed with just a little sugar).
All that said, please try adding a little Cointreau or other orange liquor. Try one with some Amaretto. Do a chocolate crust. Do a crushed almond crust and stir in a cup or two of crushed toffee. Spread a layer of lemon curd over half the batter and top with the rest. The variations are endless, and nobody else can claim to have YOUR best cheesecake recipe.