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Easy way to search comments on a project with 100's of comments? Answered

I'd like to search the comments on a specific project.  Unfortunately, the project has 100's of comments meaning they're spread across 5+ web pages.  Many or most of the comments are well deserved compliments.  Ideally, search for specific words related to the project...also, I'd like to see just posts/comments by the creator of the project.  Is there an easy way to do this?



8 years ago

You could sign up for PRO and be able to get the PDF of a project. That makes it easier to view all of the comments in a continuous stream. I don't think there is a customizable list search function to limit inside an instructable. Maybe someone knows how to customize the url to do what you want.


8 years ago

There is an "easy" (but not obvious) way to do this. Unfortunately, it won't give you the results you want. I'll go through the theory first, then rain on the parade...

Because I'bles has paid to use Google search algorithms in-house, you can make use of Google's advanced search functionality, including search-term modifiers.

For example, the basic search for I'bles automatically includes the site:instructables.com option. You could go straight to Google and search with that as part of what you type in, and you'd only get I'bles stuff.

The extra thing you want for your search is inurl:. For example, to search for places where somebody mentioned "sliders" in one of my own I'bles, you would use

inurl:Crib-Modification-for-Accessibility sliders

Now, the problem with doing this is that you won't get direct links to the specific comments! You'll still just get a link to the I'ble itself, because that's the way the database is indexed. So even if you jump through these hoops, you still won't get links to individual comments.