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Eco-Crafters -- Are You Skilled At Repurposing Trash Into Treasures? Answered

www.greenwala.com (an online green social network) is looking for crafty DIYers to share their repurposed project ideas with them for a future article.

Might be a great way for people here to gain exposure -- here's the article link -- http://www.greenwala.com/community/blogs/all/1344-Creative-Crafters-Share-Details-About-Your-Repurposed-Fashion-Projects'''

ALSO, www.greenwala.com has a few new crafty contests running, but one in particular is called "Choose To Reuse".

It asks participants to photograph an original repurposed design of their own creation.

Here are some examples of what other contestants have already submitted:

1) vinyl record garden planters

2) shower curtain turned into wearable "hoodie"

3) old sink turned "hand-tiled bird bath"

Take a look at the rest of the entries here and then gear yourself up to submit your own cool, repurposed design -- http://www.greenwala.com/greenwala_contests'''

The most creative reuse will win a new HP Mini 110 XP Notebook and a Deskjet D2660 printer!

Good luck and have fun!!


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Reply 11 years ago

I agree -- there are a few new entries that made me raise my eyebrows, like an electric string base made out of completely reclaimed materials. I wouldn't even have a clue where to start with that project. I'm not a "baby person" but I noticed that someone made some baby booties out of ramen noodle wrappers -- they're actually kind of cool. I could imagine seeing them at some high end kitschy boutique.

I don't know if anyone has seen the t-shirt design contest, but one of this one is my favorite by far: http://www.greenwala.com/greenwala_contests/all/4-Greenwala-Tshirt-Design-Contest/entries/all/23-Green-With-Envy How can that NOT make you smile??