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Eco-Tax in SADC and the economic gain of Bio-diesel engines Answered

I am assuming we are all aware of what is ongoing with the whether. I propose we put our minds and resources together to switch every car and auto-mechanic in SADC into renewable energy. I have not yet worked out what would happen to all the fossil fuels that may be left untouched because of this probably send everything into orbit or outer-space with all of the Landfills. Then terra-forming it into a Tropical Jungle.


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1 year ago

If it wouldn't be profitable by now to produce electric cars and even self-driving we wouldn't even consider alternatives to fossil fuels.
Same for renewable energy scam.
The service life of solar and windparks is more than enough to rake in huge profits from every station build.
And currently the biggest energy providers are also the biggest investors in alternative energies.
However without pioneers in the battery technology, like the Tesla company all those dreams would be useless for the providers.
Why does this matter?

Bio fuel was always used, especially by farmers and in regions of the world where real diesel is often unavailable.
These days the homebrewer calls it Bio-diesel...
The first commercail hype here was the introduction of alcohol blended petrol.
Hey! Let's go green!
How much this impacted on poor regions of the world became evident only a few years after the widespread use and availability of E-10 fuels at the petrol stations.
Suistainable farming turned into damaging monocultures to produce only for the later ethanol production.
The dream of having our cars run on ethanol instead of fossil fuels was over.
These days only race car engines and very few commercail cars running only alcohol.
In most cases these car engines are designed to allow for the use of only alcohol with proper modes for added petrol or pure petrol.
Some alternatives to produce ethanol sustainable exist, including using bacteria and algea with the benefit of most of the waste being nutritional fertiliser for crops.
However, converting only 50% of the currently used cars to run on bio-diesel or other plant based fuels would starve 20% of the worlds population.
The only way out is battery technology until we can harness cold fusion, gravity or the magnetic field of th earth for our energy needs.

One day we might be able to use solar, wind and water to sustain our electricity needs.
With huge battery farms like in South Australia already showing that whatever is over current usage will be stored for later use.
The question, in relation to our population numbers is neither how long our fossil fuels might last, nor how much better for our climate bio fuels are.
The question is: Who has the power?

Free energy was always deemed to be a hoax.
Whenever someone claimed he could basically produce electricity out of thin air those inventor were declared scammers.
Today we would call it a hoax.
Or "Free Energy".
Problem is there were always verified inventions that worked as claimed.
Problem is that no one was able to really understand the inventions.
Some disappeared with the inventor, some inventors suddenly claimed to have given up on their projects for various reasons.
In modern times we still used wind driven pumps on our farms - for free.
We also had our dams with turbines to produce electricity - for free.
None of it was ever a threat to the electricity providers though or anyone/anything "in Power".
No One would fill his farm with wind generators unless there are special reasons behind it.
In no case anyone would be able to produce enough electricity worthy to sell.
Building codes, land use restrictions and other stuff also play a role here.
Otherwise everyone with a big enough property could run a commercail size wind generator....
The came the solar cell....
Costly, bulky and only really good for low powerr applications or remote properties.
Technologies evolved, prices dropped and once enough people saw a potential the idea of producing your own electricity from the sun with profits was born.
Soon stopped by added clauses so it was next to impossible to do as it would violated the appearance, land use or whatever.
And with no option to actually feed you excess electricity back into the grid...
This changed once it bacame painfully obvious that our ways to produce lectricity are not only too wasteful but also too damaging.
Electricity providers were forced to provide options for customers to feed alternative energy sources back into the grid.
You got nothing paid for it only a possible zero dollar bill for the month.

Things have change and today we have solar cells on our roofs and can even get a few cents per kWh back thanks to changes in regulations.
What did not change is that the powercompanies stay in charge of all.
Bio fuel was doomed before it had a chance to really take off.
The majority of us will keep paying for electricity and fuel for as long as we have power companies and monopolies on fuel.