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Edf jet longboard how much thrust is needed Answered

hello i want to create a longboard that is powerd by an edf jet engine just would like to know how much thrust whould i need to me



10 months ago

you might want to mount them on side and put little wing behind forcing the the airflow to the ground.. that should give you extra 25% gain.. currently your stalling the rear wheels by pushing the air there .. maybe put little flap on side under angle to divert the air away from the wheels.. like they have on semi trailers.. but you probably want to put like V shape 35 degree angle plate...





10 months ago

Some guys already did it. What they won't say in the videos is:

a) how noisy these things really are (VERY)

b) First they push to get it started and then the EDFs give some boost

c) It cost them 500$ at least, more like 1,000$ to have a serious setup

d) EDF running time is 3-4 minutes

If you put aside the "cool factor" it is not worth the money and effort.


10 months ago

You will need to do some tests to ascertain the drag coefficient of the board and you and efficiency of the EDF unit. Then the calculation is basic maths - You need to overcome the drag + enough thrust to give you the speed you need.

For a flying aircraft this is generally less thrust than the weight of the air frame because drag is, (generally), low.

If you were talking about a model than for performance your looking at 200 watts per pound minimum (more in real world for EDF) So weigh yourself and the board and work it out.

Your going to find it hard to locate an EDF big enough.

A paraglider motor is around 120-500 cc and outputs to a 2/3 foot propeller. to push you along your going to be in the same range.