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Edge Lighting Workshop, Detroit & Chicago Answered

I'm teaching a series of workshops on edge lighting (like in this Instructable) at Hackerspaces in the upper Midwest over the next week.  

It's a great, easy way to make a great effect (check out the comments section of the 'ible to see what other people have made)  The workshops will provide all the tools, materials, and information you need to make your own edge lit decorations, signs, displays or whatever!

The cost is $10, and takes about an hour.

Location and Times:
OmniCorpDetroit Friday December 17, 7:00 pm
i3Detroit Monday December 20 at 8:00 pm  (Sold out!)
All Hands Active Ann Arbor: TBD
Pumping Station: One, Chicago. Tuesday December 21 8:00pm

Materials and tools are limited to the first 15 people, but learning without materials is free!


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