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Editor shows plain HTML Answered

Hi, while working at this one

I experienced some clitches in the editor.
1. Code sections (formated with the paragraph "Code") are loaded in the editor including the HTML formating tags <p><br> etc. When saving this they apear in the text as well, so the formating within the code section is destroyed every time.
Browser = Chrome 60.3312... all my Safaris 
On an up to date iPad the complete page is shown as HTML within the editor, I did not try to save it there

Feature Requests
2. More Header styles
3. insert a table ?

User experience suffers a bit :-(

Cheers Mario



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3 years ago

Hi Mario,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this. This certainly sounds like a bug in the editor - I've passed this to the site's development team for a closer look. Thank you for the report!

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Reply 3 years ago

Hi Mario,

Ah! This might not be a bug after all. Being able to edit html in the editor is a functionality limited to members whose accounts are on pro/premium status.

The easiest way to upgrade your account status is to have one of your Instructables featured, and to apply the pro codes that you are sent.

Be sure to redeem any existing pro codes you may have, log out and back in, and then try the editor again. The html editing functionality should then become unlocked for you. Please let me know if this resolves the issue you were seeing.

Sam (seamster)