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Edits aren't working? Answered

When I published my most recent instructable, which was last night,  I realized that the first step had somehow become the intro paragraph, and so the materials picture was the cover instead of the picture I wanted. When I realized this I went into my phone and edited the entire thing so that it would be the first step instead of the intro and so that the picture I want would be the cover. However, it did not update. I was confused, so went into my computer and redid all my edits and work. It seemed to be good after that, but now it is back to being wrong. I don't know if I should redo it again because it seems my edits would be lost. Any help?
Thank you so much!!!! :)
Here it is


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4 years ago

Is it currently showing how you want it?

There can sometimes be some wonkiness if you go back and forth between platforms when editing (mobile to computer, or vice-versa).

Keep in mind, you can revert to previous saved version if needed. To do this, when you have the instructable open to edit, click the "More" button and then "History." You can preview past versions and select to revert to one at any time. I've find this feature very helpful occasionally.

Fuzzy Monkey
Fuzzy Monkey

Reply 4 years ago

Thank you! Yes, I just reedited the whole thing again and it is showing the right picture now. The history button is a really good thing to know about so thanks so much! I will remember that for next time! :)