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Elderly monitor / reassurance software? Answered

I have been looking for free or low cost phone dialer software to help monitor elderly neighbors.
Something similar to this system  http://www.easyivr.com/telephone-reassurance.htm   Does
anyone know of anything similar out there? Could there be some cell phone app that does this?


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10 years ago

When I needed something along these lines for an elderly relative, I contracted with one of the professional services (I used Lifeline; there are others). In addition to more reliable hardware, they provide monitoring services to ensure the call gets to the right emergency agency, they provide a wearable radio transmitter so the individual can call for help even when they can't get to the phone, they can call periodically to make sure the individual is still responsive, and generally they provide a much better solution than your homebrew would be unless you want to commit to providing that 24-hour monitoring service yourself.

Not free, but not all that expensive -- about $300 a year when I used them, though that's admittedly quite some time ago. It's worth the cost.