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Electic circuit request Answered

I am looking for help in designing/building a specific circuit that will perform the folowing:

I want to to be able to load a sound file from a flash dive into a device that will play it through an output that can be connected to an amplifier and played through a speaker.

So the specifics that I'd like:

1. The device would  have a usb receptical that would accept a flash drive loaded with a .wav file. Typical file would be about 30-60sec long.
2. The device would have a momentary contact button that would play the file on demand. While holding the button, the file would play. Releasing the button would reset the file back to the beginning so pushing the button again would replay the file from the beginning.
3. The device would have a 1/8" or 1/4" plug output that could be connected to an external amplifier to play the file over speakers.
4. Device would run off of 12v dc power

I know this is simple but not sure the best and cheapest way to build. Wondering if a 555 timer or an Arduino would work for this.
Any help greatly appreciated!


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6 years ago

Raspberry Pi would definitely work, but thats probably overkill. I think there is a SD card library in arduino code to allow that, the arduino yun may also work.