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Electric Bike Plans? Answered

Hey guys. I was thinking of building an electric bike this summer. The problem is I've never built an electric bike before and barely have any knowledge. I just wanted to know if it would be better to buy a ebike kit or to buy separate parts and build it. I have looked on Ebay for bike motors but i could only find up to 1000w kits for about 200-300 dollars and i thought that wasn't worth it. Is that the only price I can get a motor and do you guys know any good stores and sites to buy a cheap ebike motor. the other parts wouldn't be that hard to find so it's OK if you don't know of any kits. Thanks.

P.s. I'm looking for Motors above 1000 watts


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Best Answer 8 years ago

hi, sir!
The best to build your own electric bike is to buy complete e-bike conversion kits, the whole wheel (BLDC motor, spokes and the rim, tires), controller, brake levers, throttle, pedal assist system, battery. There are some upgraded kits, such as LCD meter, LED meter, waterproof wires and connectors, headlight. So if you want to save cost, you need to find the simplest and necessary kit. For example, buy one hub motor with spokes, use your bike rim, use your bike's tires, no upgraded kits, use SLA battery, no pedal assist system. Note: you need to make sure that you can install the hub motor, spokes and the rim into a wheel well.

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9 years ago

There are many instructables look right ?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Buying a motor on Ebay and you trust the seller to declare the size accurately - Most are not given as continuous rating so it is hard to assess how powerful they really are without trying one.

I guess a kit manufacturer has some kind of reputation to uphold.

Google is your friend - Goole for electric scooters. 1. we don't know where you are in the world. 2. We don't know your spending limits, 3 You should be able to do this via Google.