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[newsletter] Electric Motorcycle, Make Wine, LED Umbrella... Answered

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Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & TellApr. 10, 2008Instructables Robot

Welcome back! We have lots of news for you today.

New contests!
Discover Magazine has partnered up for a Green Science Fair For a Better Planet for you eco-makers, and for the bakers we're having a Cake Contest. Enter something awesome!

Instructables and RoboGames will be hosting a Robot Contest! If you build robots this is your chance to share your knowledge and show off your bot. Get ready - contest launches April 15!

Contest winners announced! See who won the Pocket-Sized Speed Contest, Pets Month, and the T-Shirt Hacks Speed Contest.

We will be hosting a Show & Tell at the SF Bay Area Yuri's Night 2008 this Saturday! If you want to show your projects off, let us know!!

Check out these cool instructables!

Double-Decker Drum ComposterDouble-Decker Drum Composter
Make a spinning double drum composter to make soil for your garden.
posted by iPodGuy onMar 16, 2008
Recycle Plastic Shopping BagsRecycle Plastic Shopping Bags into 'Yarn'
Recycle your plastic bags without melting them or releasing noxious fumes into the air.
posted bytlmacnolanonApr 1, 2008
LED Frosties

LED Frosties
Light up your party's cooler with some waterproofed LED lights. They're simple to make and easy to reuse.
posted byfungus amungusonApr 1, 2008

T-shirt to sexy top

T-shirt to sexy top
Transform a boring old t-shirt into something that makes you the star of the party.
posted bydiana.cristeaon Apr 5, 2008

Take a Picture of the SteamTake a Picture of the Steam from your Meals
Learn a few tricks for capturing that freshly-cooked look in your photos by reading this Instructable and the helpful comments.
posted byBrennn10on Apr 2, 2008
Electric UmbrellaElectric Umbrella
Turn an ordinary umbrella into something whimsical and magical.
posted bysockmasteron Apr 8, 2008
How to Make Wine How to Make Wine
Making wine is easy to do with the right stuff, equipment, and proper sanitization.
posted bySeakip18on Apr 8, 2008
Turn broken speakers into a snappy media cabinet Turn broken speakers into a snappy media cabinet
Broken speakers are pretty but useless while media cabinets are ugly but useful. A melding of the two objects was all but inevitable.
posted byGoodRubbishon Apr 7, 2008
$5 Macro Lens$5 Macro Lens - for land or sea use
Make a cheap macro lens for a camera with no built-in macro feature. Fit for use above or below the waves.
posted byWarthaugonApr 2, 2007
72 Volt electric motorcycleHow to build a 72 Volt electric motorcycle
No gas, no oil and almost silent. 72 Volts, 70mph, pure fun.
posted byStrykeronApr 8, 2008

Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric


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13 years ago

how to make alternative source of electrcity at home using household things?


Reply 13 years ago

There are plenty of Instructables on that subject- search for "DIY wind turbine" to get you started, and the "related" section should lead you to a number of others.