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Electric Power Save Box. Capacitor Bank. and the Tron Box, are the same? and realy works? I need reduce the bill. Thanks Answered


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11 years ago

 a capacitor bank uses capacitors to store energy, in simple terms, and won't reduce any bill.  The tron box won't work, as capacitors are polarized, but looks like someone trying to plug a capacitor bank into a wall outlet, something it isn't designed for.  the first result for "electric power save box" claimed it could "reduce or eliminate" your power bill for $300, which just isn't possible.  It claims to be drawing wasted energy from "motors" by being plugged in, but even if it did so, you would have been charged for any energy it took in, and any energy wasted by any motors would be turned to heat by the motors themselves.  It looks like a scam.  To save some energy, turn stuff off when you aren't using it.