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Electric Standing Desk Controller for Direct Control? Answered

Does anyone know what the controller is for most of the electric standing desks? I have a Jarvis and it seems that it uses the same controller as the GeekDesk. The box appears to have an RJ11 serial connection that is not used in the desk operation, I am wondering if that is whats used to program the controller board, and if so perhaps I can enable direct serial control for setting desk heights from my pc. Has anyone tinkered with this by chance?



3 years ago

@jeyton, did you have any success with this? I was wondering the same thing about my Jarvis. Would like to automate raising it to increase the likelihood of making standing a habit :)


4 years ago

It may be a programming header but probably won't support direct serial control. It will likely only allow flashing the ROM of the micro controller. But maybe with the right firmware update for the desk you could enable dirrect serial control.


Answer 4 years ago

Yea I wondered... so I have two options it seems, one would be to rip it open and see what controller is in there. Alternatively there is a manual controller with memory preset options. I could potentially place an arduino as an intermediary between that controller and the main control board, with direct serial control from the arduino.