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Electric bike band brakes. Answered

Hi all.

A few weeks ago I asked on here about batteries for my bike and got some very useful input, as a result I bought a set of batteries from great dealer who was not only able to supply batteries matched to my bike but also gave me a remarkably decent discount and delivered them in two days, they cost me almost £40.00 less than the ones I bought a few years ago and the bike is now running better than ever.

I now have another problem I'm hoping to get some help with, the rear brake on my bike is a band brake which I suspect has not been changed since the bike was new, it still works but not nearly as well as it should so it's time to replace it with a new one.

When I rang the importer and sole stockists of these bikes in the UK about some other replacement parts a few months ago I asked about a replacement brake and they are asking the outrageous sum of £38.00 plus VAT and shipping for one meaning I would be paying out around £57.00.

I know these brakes are quite common so had a hunt around the web and I have found quite a few with prices ranging from £5.00 to £19.00 but have some questions about size.

The casing of the brake on my bike around the drum is around 4 1/2" diameter I have found various sizes available some smaller some larger but looking at the way it is mounted it seems to me that I could use pretty much any size I wanted providing the pitch between the two holes used to mount the drum on the wheel is the same, unfortunately none of the brakes I have found gives details like this.

Does anyone know about these type of brakes and if the mounting holes are the same standard pitch on all the sizes of drum? if so would I be correct in thinking I could mount any size brake I wished? if I can I would be tempted to increase the braking power by fitting a larger one than it currently has.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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5 years ago

I had to fix the brake on of my electric scooters and ordered a cheap replacement off Ebay.
It was lightly longer and the ounts different but as all was riveted I drilled it out and fixed the band to the old mounts.
Finding a perfect match can be hard as noone does any real specifications that can be used.
In some cases it can be helpful to check for other manufacturers and compare the parts to find a suitable replacement.

Nostalgic Guy
Nostalgic Guy

Reply 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply, I finally chose to go with a similar sized brake from ebay for about £7.00 the only modification I had to make was enlarging the hole in the centre of the casing as the axle on my bike was about 1/8th of an inch larger, a bit of careful ,marking out and ten minutes with my Dremel and a sanding drum sorted that out without a problem.

I'm still considering upgrading it to a larger brake as there are some pretty steep hills around my home and I'm planning to build a cargo trailer ready for the spring, the bike is really heavy weighing in at around 87lb and with my 13 1/2 stone on it too then the weight of trailer and load there is a fair amount of inertia coming into play, I have a feeling that stopping in an emergency could prove to be challenging without rather beefier brakes