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Electric motor specs? Answered

I have the disc motor out of a Polaroid portable DVD player, and would like to use in one of my projects. However, it doesn't have an indication of what power it needs on it. There is a serial number or item code on the side, but no manufacturer to check for a data sheet, and Googling  the code (TM2458 on the top line, GG54 on the bottom line) yields no results. I need enough information to power the motor using either a battery or Arduino. Please help?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 8 years ago

I am guessing this motor is just an ordinary brushed DC motor,
and it will run from voltages in approximately the same range as the stack of batteries that powered this portable DVD player.

First, how many wires does this motor have?  I am hoping it is just two.  Moreover I am hoping that if you connect those wires to a stack of maybe 2 AA batteries (with a nominal voltage of 2*1.5V = 3.0V), that this will cause the motor to turn.  Also I am guessing that switching those two wires will cause the motor to turn in the opposite direction.

In the case that your motor has like 4 wires or 10 wires coming out of it, that means it is likely a stepper motor,
and those are more complicated.

If a Google(r) search on the numbers printed on the motor returns nothing, this simply means that those numbers are only meaningful to the motor manufacturer, or the DVD player manufacturer.  I mean they are numbers that were never published, or intended for public reference.


8 years ago

get yourself a good pwerful potentiometer and run it up from zero volts to the point where it starts shaking and the down to where it stops shaking around there is the optimal point that you should run it at