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Electrical / Electronics Engineering Position in Chicago - RAW THRILLS Answered

Hi everyone,

We have one of the ultimate electronics positions available. We make coin-op arcade games and constantly innovate our electronics to differentiate our games from the home consoles. We're looking for someone that can hack innovative technology and make it work in our market. Official job posting is below. Please check out www.rawthrills.com for more information about our company!

JOB INQUIRIES SHOULD BE SENT TO jobs@rawthrills.com. Please include a resume and an explanation of your qualifications and interest.


Available Position: Highly Motivated, Entry Level Electrical or Computer Engineer
Raw Thrills, Inc. - February 2010

Raw Thrills, the leading US manufacturer of coin-operated video games, is looking for an enthusiastic Electrical or Computer engineer to join our Electronics Engineering design team. You will be working as an efficient member of a small team on products that continue to gain domestic and international market-share. Immediately, you will contribute to the design and verification of electronics, firmware, and software.

In addition to the internal team, you will work with partner engineering companies to develop & maintain products, and interact with contract manufacturers to troubleshoot issues on-the-fly as they arise on the production line. You will collaborate with several experienced engineers and programmers, all the while working independently most of the work day.

At Raw Thrills, our arcade games are designed entirely in-house, from the ground up. They are composed of custom mechanical parts (wood cabinet, plastics, metals, etc.), an off-the-shelf PC, a monitor, custom wiring, custom electronics & interface devices, and custom game software. As part of the Electronics Engineering team, you will be involved in much of the arcade game’s design, from low-level circuitry to high level software, and everything in between:

* ESD testing & EM compliance
* Custom circuit & firmware design
* System integration & validation (peripherals ↔ PC ↔ API ↔ software)
* Operating System (Windows Embedded) maintenance
* Device driver & device-application interface (API) programming
* Device functional & longevity test design (including GUI PC software, firmware, and mechanical construction)
* Coordination between mechanical and electronics design
* and more!

Required Skills:

* Demonstrable working knowledge of C/C++: need examples of work and debugging proficiency
* Solid understanding of digital circuit design & troubleshooting digital systems (from circuit to PC software)
* Experience designing & implementing a digital system from the ground up (school project, internship, etc.)
* FPGA (VHDL or Verilog) and/or MCU (c or asm) programming competency
* Self-sufficient and motivated to independently learn
* Proficient with standard bench tools: soldering iron, oscilloscope, DMM, etc.

Bonus Skills:

* Programming experience with PC↔device communication: USB, RS232, LPT, etc.
* Schematic capture and PCB layout experience
* GUI programming experience (Win32 or Linux)
* Active knowledge of Linux / home Linux user
* Working knowledge of common scripting languages (Python, bash, Windows batch, etc.)

Example Projects:

* Design low-cost circuitry to robustly control addressable LEDs for eye-popping lighting effects
* Design, implement, and perform game system latency testing (create hardware/software as needed)
o EX: What is the round trip time from button-press to in-game feedback? Where are the bottlenecks?
* Design hardware diagnostic software to allow automatic system diagnosis by end-user
* Design automated functional test software for completed PCB assemblies
* Design circuit and layout PCB for contact-less sensor module
o Determine and perform validation testing
* Add interface firmware features (i2c, Dallas 1-Wire, etc.) to MCU based board and update PC API so that game programmers can leverage the new features


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