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Electromagnetic energy and electronics Answered

I am trying to find ideas to use electromagnetic energy in my new projects I wish u inspire me and be inspired also guys 😊


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1 year ago

Ever thought about a capacitor pulse motor? ;)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Do you happen to own one of those solar dancing flower toys?

Or a quartz-timed, analog style clock (the kind with hands)?

The reason why I ask, is because at the core of either of those gizmos, there is a coil made of a huge number of turns of very fine wire.

And that coil is a very effective transducer for sensing alternating magnetic fields.

In a previous question, from about 3 years ago, someone asked this forum about, "...the easiest way to generate AC from a natural source, and then transform it into DC?"


and in one of the answers I wrote there, I included some pictures of some tiny homemade generator toys, based on a salvaged coil of this type.

Linking to that question is easier for me, than attaching those pictures, or links to those pictures, to this post directly.

Also I claim that type of coil can be connected to an audio amplifier, for the purpose of listening to AC magnetic fields near the coil, specifically those with frequencies low enough to be audible ( < 20 KHz )

Actually, years ago, a wrote an 'ible for listening to time-varying light signals, using a small solar (photovoltaic) cell as a transducer, here:


Anyway, my claim is you can use one of those huge-number-of-turns coils, i.e. just connect its two wires to the input of an audio amplifier (like the one used in my how-to-listen-to-light tutorial), and then you will able to listen to interesting magnetic signals, that might be present near this sensor coil.

Or if the signals are not near the coil, the coil and amplifier are portable enough to carry around, so you can go seeking magnetic fields to listen to, just to discover what they sound like.

By the way, another word for this kind of transducer is "pickup coil", and you can look that up. Most of the pictures returned in the link below seem to be sensors for rotating shafts, and also electric guitars pickups.

(via DuckDuckGo, in images)

Also I am going to link to a search for images of "solar dancing toy"
for anyone wondering what that is.

Also I am going to link to a YT video of Big Clive taking apart some of these toys.

I am hopeful this can provide some inspiration, of some kind, for you. Not exactly sure what you're looking for. Your question seemed kind of open ended, so I figured kind of any reply would be good, as long as it had something to do with "electromagnetic energy."