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Electroni-C Answered

This is similar to my other topic, but I think it's worth a new topic
my company will be called electroni-C (pronounced electroni-see)
I came up with cool marketing groups and product names, such as:

flavors: original (a bunch of generic boards that makes breadboarding easier, such as a 555 board, potentiometers that actually work with bread boards, a couple of mini powersupplies, jumpers, breadboard to aligator adapters, etc

spicy: A lot of power stuff, like powersupplies, not just for breadboards, but for real finished projects, such as a circuit similar to mintyboost (but not the same, it'll be like a DIP package)

optical (better name needs to be thought of) various LEDs, led drivers, optical sensors, and some logic to make everything useful. LED displays with integrated resistors for 5 volt (useful for less solder joints and less mess on a breadboard.

caffine: motors, H-bridges, relays w/ saftey diode, servos, etc.

Names are TBD, but here's what they are. They are called cookies because they are bigger and come in a box (oppose to a bag like electron-CHIPS

decade resistor control box
decade capacitor control box
decade inductor box
a big power supply

custom PCB and plexi etching

custom enclosures (basically a generic enclosure that has holes and squares cut out specifically where you want them)

electroni-KITS (better name that begins with C needs to be found)
12volt regulated powersupply
9volt regulated powersupply
5volt regulated powersupply
3.3volt regulated powersupply
R/C equipment
pulsing music LEDs
the resonator (just you wait!)
lucid dream machine
the diode calculator (using thousands of diodes and switches for input, you can make a calculator, plus some resistors for the LED display)

I will also carry some basic components such as resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc..

suggestions are appreciated!

EDIT: website is in development.. uhhh.. by me
here's the site, all pictures were done by me
I would like my own URL, but eh, wacha gunna do for free


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12 years ago

email me for the whole business venture thing airman00 at gmail.com