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Electronic Workshop Material Layout Drawers? Answered

I am using my room as a workshop as a very electronics still has some problems, but brings the room to be small. You know, at the same time the electronics archivist, a lot of people on the way :) hurdacıdır sees things would take a kick would be valuable for us in the future Benimde he saved up a lot of useful material use, have the device.

I made an arrangement for sığabilmek pretty even threw a sofa bed in the room for years, sleeping in bed in the lounge :) I'm doing this way, but if you have components at one component is not regularly work more and confused, lost a lot of time searching for materials.

I recently cleaned out my drawers almost all of the material that I had to actually put the order to buy the materials I got in my hand, look for a material with the lost time, etc. .. read labeling is very important especially in the business of editing, eye-catching symbols to be used for this circuit elements when you get out of the printer at one color was very stylish :) I'm looking for easy to find ingredients.

Symbols, color labels photoshop etc. can be used as graphics programs. I already used the circuit diagram is easy to use drawing program for the SPLA program for the symbols that have already.
If youwant to findyour way aroundthis type ofmaterialkarmaşaşasınot want to live, usea labeling systemorwritingpaper,according to the materialusedfor the labelcolor tocolordid notuse the

for example, theresistance toblack text onyellow paperfor a variety ofopen, transistors, such astheblack text onlight bluepaper..

In the meantime,muchof the sametype of materialcontainersfor theblank CDin thedrawerit just worksgreat stuffevaluatesthem alsovery expensive..

Iam usingthisas storageboxesusuallytakea littletimepullingpushingcontinue to work..

The SPLAN schemalabel filescreated using thedrawing programandaddeda short videoon how to usethe program".Spl7"SPLAN7program andeditfiles with the extensionor "http://www.abacom-online.de/updates/sPlan70_Viewer.exe"program,you canopen andprint output



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8 years ago

Is this a question or an instructable?


Answer 8 years ago

+1, I think you meant to post this as an Instructable. Click on "Create" in the upper left corner to get started.