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Electronic controls for CNC machine Answered

I am looking to build 5-digit, 7-segment bidirectional counter with multiplexing display and input retention upon power failure. Input would be from an Incremental Handwheel Rotary Encoder. Any suggestions for a microprocessor ?



7 days ago

Question basically says it all. Most of my tools the 6mm, so I was thinking of making a sort of tool holder https://www.applock.ooo/using a 6mm end mill, creating holes that are 1.5cm deep. Is it required to use a drill instead for this depth, even if it's a relatively soft material? Any advice about drilling? I've only done milling so far. https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/


19 days ago


12 or 13 i/o pins for the display, 3 pins for the encoder, so 16 i/o pins. EPROM or,preferably NVRAM (or a back-up battery) to keep the sign and count.
Personally, I'd go with a low power 18+ pin PIC and run it on the internal RC oscillator (nothing time critical here), but I don't know which controller families you know, if any.
If this is your first controller project, you might wanna go with one of the a toy controller boards that ends on uino. one thing that makes it a favorite for beginners is that you don't need a programmer for it and a vast code base online (of which a good deal actually works I'm told ;) is yet a bonus.